Ek Balám

Live an adventure in Ek Balam’s ruins

Ek Balám is one of the cities with the greatest Mayan influence, since it is one of the sites that have great artistic and technological representations of such an incredible culture.
The treasures and mysteries are represented in their temples and squares, each and every one of them are discoveries that invite us to immerse ourselves in each corner of this Acropolis.

In Ek Balám, one of the pyramids invites us to observe the scene of the Mayan jungle and the sculpture of the mouth of the jaguar that is located in the front part of the main temple. It is one of the most impressive Mayan creations and is restored by taking care of every detail.

The arch is one of the most majestic and exact architectural creations of the Mayans.

Discover the wonders of Acropolis, see the mouth of the Jaguar and surprise yourself with the view of the Mayan jungle.